Indirah Edition

Indirah kicks off the first issue of The Consortpolitan: Union Magazine. We want to welcome you to the very first installment. Game of Sultans literally came out of nowhere with advertisements from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more. We all watched the strange ads about exiling maids, being a queen, having ugly heirs and being able to exile them, and so many more ridiculous things that we all found out we couldn’t actually do. Regardless of sucking us in under false pretense, we have become addicted to being the Sultan. As Sultan, we are to lead our Ottoman Empire to greatness, to become the rulers of Europe. We gain loyal viziers to help us along the way, attract some beautiful women, pop out a few kids (some even have hundreds), and try our hands at a full-scale war.

Starting three weeks ago, we had our very first Union war that turned everyone against one another. What was once a safe and friendly zone for all, our beloved World Chat turned into a stalemate of constant hostility, awkward encounters, and the ever so often heated arguments between Union leaders. This edition, we will be focusing on the alliances that formed during Union War II, the ones that fell apart, the backstabbing and all the gossip surrounding these wars.

Speaking of Unions, have you ever wondered but it takes to be a part of some of the top-ranking Unions on S10? Well we have an interview with one of the leaders of a popular Union with the inside look at the building blocks of a successful Union.

In this Edition, we will hear from YOU about everything from wives to heirs. We have an ‘Ask Egg’ column where you asked for any type of advice and your friendly neighborhood Egg gave you the best advice on the market! The Fanciest Man Alive shares a few tips and tricks on how to stay Fancy. We have polls, guides, and a few quizzes to fill out at home.

So finally, we would like to thank Royce for being so supportive of this idea when we joked about it, look at us now. This is dedicated to you!


The Union Magazine